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You’ve reached the recruitment site for studies at the IQVIA Overland Park, KS clinic. We have active studies but we just can’t display all of the detail for them while our site gets a refresh, however, here’s a summary of our current studies:

Study Gender Ages Stays, Nights Follow-Ups Spanning Days Compensation
5129 M/F 65-80 3, 2 nts or 4, 2 nts 4-5 21-28 $3,350-$3,550
5145 M/F 22-65 2, 1 nts 0 11 $700
5151 M/F 22-69 outpatient only 3 9-11 $800
5153 M 65-100 1, 2 nts 1 15 $1,150

If you are interested in participating in one of our active studies, please feel free to contact us directly at the following:

We appreciate your patience as we improve the functionality and layouts of the information provided on this site.

The IQVIA Recruitment Team