Step1: Find Your Study Match
• Visit the Available Studies page.
• Fill out a few details about yourself to narrow down which studies might be available to you.
Step 2: View the Study Calendar
• Determine which study best fits your schedule.
• View the calendar for each active group.
Step 3: Pre-Screen Online OR Give Us a Call
Pre-Screen Online
• See if you pre-qualify for any study by filling out a study specific questionnaire.
• Near the Calendars for each study, click “Apply Here”
– If you pass the questionnaire, you’ll be provided a ‘pass’ message and your data will be delivered directly to the Recruitment Team for review.
– If you fail the questionnaire, you’ll be provided a message and invited to either fill-out other questionnaires for our other studies, or invited to review our ‘Bonus Referral Program’
Give us a Call
• If you pre-qualify for any studies, call us at 913.894.5533 to begin the pre-screening process.
• A recruiter will ask you study specific questions to determine your eligibility.
• Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you will be scheduled for a screening appointment at our facility.
Step 4: Screening Appointment
• You will be invited to screen at our Overland Park, KS facility.
• Your appointment will be set for a specific study at a specific date and time, please be prompt.
• Children are not permitted to accompany you to ANY of your appointments at Quintiles.
• If you arrive with children, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment to a later date.
• As part of the eligibility process, you will be required to consent to a criminal background check.
• Screening typically takes about 3 hours or less.
• A standard screening includes assessments of your medical history, BMI, blood, blood pressure, and vitals.
• A physician will answer any questions you may have.
• Your results are normally processed in 3-5 business days.
Step 5: Congratulations, you’re Invited to join the study!
• Once you pass screening, the volunteer recruitment team will contact you with results.
• Follow your Check-in Instructions provided to you at screening to ensure you stay qualified.

Featured Studies

Study 5144
  • Healthy Adults Age 18 to 75
  • 2 Stays of 6-11 Each + 1 Follow-up.
  • Compensation $4,950

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