Welcome Columbia, MO area volunteers! Interested in volunteering for clinical trials?

At IQVIA, located in the Kansas City area, you can receive up to $250 per night for participating in clinical research. Many volunteers from Columbia participate in our clinical trials each year.

Healthy volunteers in a Phase I trial are generally compensated for their time and contribution to finding out more about promising new drugs. These studies are relatively short – your time commitment may be just a few days or up to a few weeks. But your participation could make the difference for someone in need of life-changing treatments.

See if you Pre-Qualify

The first step in finding out if you pre-qualify is to visit Available Studies and fill out a few details to see which studies might be available to you. Determine which study best fits your schedule by viewing the calendar for each active group. If you pre-qualify for any studies, call us at 913.894.5533 to begin the pre-screening process. If you are eligible, a recruiter will schedule a screening appointment at our facility in Overland Park, KS.

Screening Visit Each of our studies require that you travel for a screening appointment at our site in Overland Park, KS. During the screening appointment you will be given a general assessment of your health to see if you meet the qualifications for the study. Screening includes assessments of your BMI (calculation based on your height and weight), blood work, blood pressure, and vitals. At screening, you will receive documents detailing the study including your informed consent. Once you pass screening, the volunteer recruitment team will contact you with your results and you will be invited to check-in for the study.

Check-In and In-House Stays

If you are invited to check-in, you must visit our facility in Overland Park for your in-house portion of the study. Be sure to follow your check-in instructions to ensure you stay qualified. One last assessment of your health will take place before you are enrolled in the study. The in-house portion requires you to stay at our facility and can range from just a few days or up to a few weeks. Volunteers typically have a lot of free time to watch television and movies, play video games, read, job search, or just relax during their stay.


Many of our Columbia volunteers select studies with minimal follow-up appointments. These appointments typically are only a few hours and require you to visit the facility. Keep follow-ups in mind when selecting which study may work best for your travel arrangements and schedule.

Give us a call at 913.894.5533 or visit Available Studies to see if you qualify.