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no smokers gender
Age 18 to 45 BMI 18 to 30 Healthy Adults
1 stay of 3 nights each and 2 follow-ups, all spanning 10 days
no smokers gender
Age 18 to 65 BMI 18 to 32 Healthy Adults
1 stay of 5 nights each and 1 follow-up, all spanning 8 days

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Ask Our Participants
What’s been your favorite part of participating in a study at Quintiles?
It’s the staff and I’ve made friends with other people doing the studies. It makes the time go very smoothly.
What would you as a volunteer, want to say to potential volunteers?
Come and apply, the staff helps you out with everything. There…
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Jana - Lawrence, KS
What made you first participate in a clinical research study?
Well, I needed extra money for a vacation and I thought it would be a great way to help out with study medications. I’m also helping people as well as helping myself.
Were you nervous the first time you did a study?
I was actually nervous but as soon as…
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Andrew - Kansas City, MO
Brett is a student at Northwest Missouri State University majoring in Graphic Design, currently on summer break. This is his first time volunteering in a clinical trial.
What made you decide to participate in a study?
I tried to get a summer internship and nothing panned out. I had heard about Quintiles from some friends at school and decided t…
Brett - Kansas City, Missouri